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Read, what our students have to say about our language school, the German classes, our accommodations and activities like travelling around Austria.
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General Impressions

Impressions of ActiLingua Language School A friend of mine from Italy, Sarah, told me about this school and that it is a very nice place to learn German.
Arturo, Italy

Teachers & Lessons

Student Opinions about ActiLingua Teachers The school is very good and the teachers are very nice and creative.
Andrea, USA

ActiLingua Residence

I’m staying at the ActiLingua Residence because I like the fact that I have a single room. The room is very nice and comfortable.
Sinisa, Macedonia


ActiLingua Students about Vienna It’s great to come out to a city that’s not like New York or something. There is actually nature around almost everywhere I go.
MacArthur, 21, U.S.A.

Holiday Course

Student Opinion about ActiLingua Holiday Curse I really like the teachers, because they are so young and that's great. The lessons are brilliant.
Matja, Slovakia

Summer School

Student Opinion about ActiLingua Summer School ActiLingua is a really nice place where we meet new people and have lots of fun and activities.
Selma, Bosnia and Herzegovina


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