student comments ActiLingua Student Comment

Alekzander Andonov aus Austria hat uns in unserer Umfrage folgendes mitgeteilt:

Wie hat es dir bei ActiLingua gefallen? – What is your over-all impression of ActiLingua?

ActiLingua is good camp. The teachers are kind and friendly. The food is not so good. But i like ActiLingua.

Beschreibe ActiLingua in einem Satz. – Describe ActiLingua in one scentence.

ActiLingua is the best camp.

Beschreibe dein denkwuerdigstes Erlebnis bei ActiLingua Academy. – Give a short account of your most memorable moment at ActiLingua Academy.

I liked that we had tournaments. Also like the evening of talants. But most of all I liked the excursions