Shrill carnival costumes, colourful parades and eating “Krapfen” – The carnival season in Vienna is linked to many traditions. Today, this season reaches its peak.

Carneval season

Carnival or “Fasching” is the best chance to get to know the crazy side of Austrian culture. Carnival takes place before the Christian season of Lent, which always begins on Ash Wednesday and is a preparation for Easter Sunday.

Before Lent, Austrians like to party exuberantly. Numerous carnival parades attract visitors who are dressed up in costumes. The decorated floats and costumes are definitely worth a visit. However, the carnival is also linked to “Krapfen”. A Krapfen is a round, sweet pastry, which can be filled with jam or vanilla custard.


Our ActiLingua students already celebrated the start of the carnival season at school. Today, on February 9, 2016, is Shrove Tuesday (also known as Pancake Day), which is both the culmination and the end of this season. Tomorrow marks the beginning of Lent. So, let’s celebrate one more time today and join one of the parties in Vienna!