• 5 facts about the German language | ActiLingua Academy Blog
2 11, 2016

5 Facts about the German language

November 2nd, 2016|

How many people worldwide speak German? Who defined what standard German is in the first place? How many words are there in the German language? And what do “false friends” have to do with learning German? We have the answer to all these questions – and more… […]

  • Colour Theory for Students | ActiLingua Academy
2 11, 2016

Colour Theory for Students

November 2nd, 2016|

We’re getting rid of our winter blues and want more colour in our lives! Did you know that colours influence us day in, day out? Not only when choosing a wall colour for your living room or when you decide on what you’ll be wearing today. They even influence our mood! We want to show you how you can use this effect to your advantage and provide you with tips and hints for your daily student life. […]

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27 10, 2016

Learn German in Germany or somewhere else?

October 27th, 2016|

Five reasons for a German course in Vienna


  • Wiener_Architektur_featured_image
27 04, 2016

5 reasons for a German course in Vienna

April 27th, 2016|

Clearly, you can learn German in many cities. So why should you choose a German course in Vienna? The answer is simple. […]

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4 11, 2014

5 tasty facts about Austrian Pastries

November 4th, 2014|

1. „Mehlspeise“ The Term „Mehlspeise“ (which literally means “flour meal”) is used since the 18th century. Different from what you might think of when hearing the name, the main characteristic is not that the food contains flour, but that it doesn’t contain meat. Typical Austrian Pastries are Strudel, Schmarren, Buchteln, Palatschinken,…. […]

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