As the saying goes, “German language, tough language” (Ger.: „Deutsche Sprache, schwere Sprache“), but they are wrong! These tips will help you learn German with ease.

Gemeinsam Deutsch-Lernen *** Learn German together

Learning a new language requires a lot of time and nerves. Of course, it is best to learn German in a language course. At the ActiLingua Academy, our students attend German lessons held by qualified native-speaking teachers. Nevertheless, it is also important to practise the language outside the classroom. This is the reason why we are revealing our favourite tips for improving your German language skills at home.

1. Study regularly

Everybody knows this situation: On some days you have no interest in studying, while on other days, you study vocabulary and grammar for hours. In fact, it is important to study regularly. Try to study German every day in shorter segments, but more often. Your German language skills will improve faster if you do just one hour every day, instead of once a week for five hours.

2. Focus

You start learning German and suddenly your best friend writes you a message on Facebook or on WhatsApp? It goes without saying, you will answer it and, for now, studying is forgotten. Don’t let this happen! Turn off your phone and log out of Facebook before studying German. Remove all disruptive factors. At first, it may be difficult, but you will soon realize that you can now concentrate much better on studying German.

Konzentriere dich beim Lernen

3. Always learn the articles

You have most likely already noticed that articles are very important in the German language. Therefore, you should always learn them, when you learn a new word. Meaning, that you do not learn “Haus” (house), but “das Haus” (the house). If you remember the article from the start, it will save you a lot of future problems. It is also possible to casually memorize new vocabulary. However, it is recommended to remember the singular as well as the plural form. So, learn “das Haus” (the house) with “die Häuser” (the houses).

We have more studying tips for you here! What is your insider advice on learning German?