Paul wrote:

“Even if you, like me, are not a very musical person or, like me, don’t speak German, there’s no doubt that Vienna, German speaking musical capital of Europe, has a lot to offer.

Vienna is a surprisingly large city and its charm has won me over within a couple of days. Despite its size, Vienna is best discovered on foot, strolling through its shopping streets, walkings its romantic medieval streets and admiring its beautiful squares and buildings.

One building you mustn’t miss is Belvedere castle and its magnificient baroque gardens. The school, I have attended, is situated just next to this landmark, which is great as you can use the breaks to relax open air in a breathtaking part of the city.

So here are a couple of recommendations. If you go to visit Vienna make sure that you:

1) Take a ride with the “Riesenrad”. This spectacular Ferris wheel was constructed at the end of the 19th century as an attraction for the Prater fun fair. If a fun fair sounds hectic to your ears you can also take an extensive walk in the green area surrounding it. It’s quite amazing.

2) Make a point of seeing some of the traditional sights like Belvedere castle, Schoenbrunn castle or the beautiful Art-Deco buildings which are spread all over town. But don’t forget to check out modern Vienna. A perfect starting point would be the UNO city on the eastern side of the Danube. From this angle, Vienna has a very modern skyline and the view of the Danube is beautiful, too.

3) Try the local food. Vienna is famous for its Wiener Schnitzel which is veal fried in breadcrumbs and usually served with sliced potatoes and tastes really good!

Maybe it was me watching „The Third Man“ once too often, maybe it was me expecting Vienna to be anchored in the past and only thinking about Mozart and Strauss. However, while Vienna is proud of its traditions it is also diverse, modern, inspiring, vibrant and fun.

So, if you are thinking about learning German, give Vienna a try. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.”