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Gab es etwas, das dich nach deinem Deutschunterricht positiv überrascht hat?

Impressions of ActiLingua Language School The whole experience was positive.
Robert, United Kingdom

Impressions of ActiLingua Language School Es war sehr gut mit jungen Leuten zusammen zu lernen. Darüber hinaus waren die Lehrer sehr hilfsbereit, geduldig, nett, und gut informiert. Sie haben mit Lust und Laune unterrichtet. Danke!
Hajnalka, Hungary

I would like to highlight some points about the ActiLingua teacher I had classes with this and last year: She always uses easy examples, which makes understanding Grammar simpler; She truly knows what she is explaining. Whenever a student asks her a complex question, not only is she able to answer the question, but she can also explain every aspect in a detailed way; All the classes are 100% prepared and focused on students; She is able to work with phonetics - I was mispronouncing a phoneme and she taught me how to articulate the sound; I have also asked her for some tips on job interviews and she did help me a lot."
Roberto, Brazil

All my classmates were motivated during the lesson, that was really pleasant, especially during the Conversation part were talking is unquestionable. Everyone was here because they wanted to. Moreover, some people I met, were so eager to improve their German level, that we spoke German even outside of classes! It was amazing.
Elsa, Cyprus

The teachers were very friendly and the activities were quite interesting.”
Endri, Albania

I was pleasantly surprised overall at how immersive the classes are and how much the teachers care for their students.
Caya, USA

Yeah, there was people in different age, from young to middle aged,it was real interesting to work with them.
Zhasmin, Kazakhstan