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Student Opinions about ActiLingua Teachers Ich finde es super, dass wir eine Stunde Grammatik und eine Stunde Konversationstraining haben.
Adela, Tschechische Republik

I liked best the humour and good attitude and willingness of the teachers: all were superb, making the course very enjoyable!
Ash, Großbritannien

Student Opinions about ActiLingua TeachersI enjoy the lessons very much, the teachers are very nice and we have a nice ambience and the classroom. We learn in small rooms and I learn very much this way.
YueXin, China

I enjoyed the variety of the lessons. I learnt a lot and there were a lot of chances to improve my spoken German. I had a lot of fun!
Michaela, Großbritannien

Student Opinions about ActiLingua Teachers Ich finde, der Unterricht ist sehr gut. Es gibt eine gute Mischung zwischen Grammatik, Sprechen und Lesen und das finde ich super.
Enrique, Kolumbien

The intensive course was very good because there were only little people in our class. ActiLingua is a very nice place to learn German. I liked that everyone here is young (even the teachers)!
Dimitris, Griechenland

This year I had the opportunity to come to live in Vienna. The most important thing for me was to learn the language. I had not one idea of Deutsch, I went to ActiLingua in March and April ... I could speak so much! Just in two months I was really knowing a lot ... Now I am back at school again and every day it is going better and better. I understand newspapers, television, radio, ...
Viviana, Mexiko

Student Opinions about ActiLingua Teachers Die Schule ist sehr gut und die Lehrer sind auch sehr nett und sehr kreativ.
Andrea, USA

Teachers are fantastic.
Jason, USA

The teachers are very friendly and we could talk about anything. I had three excellent and interesting weeks here in Vienna with ActiLingua. Thank you!
Laszlo, Ungarn

The teachers' attentiveness, patience and motivation are excellent. The ActiLingua approach and methods are fantastic.
Marion, Frankreich

The classes are interesting and amusing. The teachers are nice and young. You can always speak with them, even about your problems.
Karla, Kroatien

The thing I liked most about the lessons was the encouraging, friendly atmosphere. I had an extremely nice and interesting time here in Vienna, and experienced and discovered so much.
Rebecka, Schweden


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