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Information on Academic Credits for US-Students

If you attend a course at the ActiLingua Academy you can receive academic credits for the courses you attend with us at the ActiLingua Academy in Vienna, Austria. These credits are recognized by universities and colleges in the USA.

Receive Academic Credit from your HOME CAMPUS

Many U.S. universities will grant credits to students based upon our classroom curriculum (syllabus) here at ActiLingua.

We are happy to send all the relevant information (course syllabus, classroom hours, course levels, academic policies and procedures...) to your study abroad advisor, language department chair or any other representative responsible for evaluating student's courses for academic credit. Order information for your advisor!

How to receive Academic Credits

  1. Before registering for an ActiLingua course:
    Clearly establish exactly which documents you need to give your study abroad advisor for evaluation of your planned course at ActiLingua Academy.
  2. Order Information Folder for your study abroad advisor
    We have compiled an information folder especially for this purpose. Among other information it contains:
    • Course Syllabi
    • Classroom Hours, Course Levels and Class Credit
    • Academic Policies and Procedures
    • Faculty and Staff, Teacher CVs
    • Sample Transcript
    We are happy to send all relevant information to your study abroad advisor, German professor, language department chair or other person responsible for evaluating student's courses for academic credit.
    Please provide us with name, department and email-address via our Information Request Form.
  3. We will then send everything electronically to your study abroad advisor.
  4. Discuss your plans to study German in Vienna with your advisor.
  5. Register to attend ActiLingua Academy.
  6. Confirm which documents you need (official transcript, your school's evaluation report, etc.) to provide your school with upon completing your course with ActiLingua Academy.
  7. Upon arrival:
  • Please inform ActiLingua's secretary that you need Academic Credit on your first day.
  • If necessary bring your school's Evaluation Report form.