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10 Reasons for Vienna

These 10 reasons will convince you to learn German in Vienna!

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Vienna is popular amongst cosmopolites worldwide. We have summarized 10 of the most compelling arguments to make you schedule your next trip to Vienna. 

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1. a beautiful city in the heart of europe

Because of its central location in Europe, Vienna is a very popular destination for travellers from all over the world. Behing home to over 1.8 million habitants, Vienna is Austria's most populated city and simultaneously the second largest city in the germanophone area. Compared to Berlin, the sun even shines more frequently in Vienna which is most likely due to its southern climate. According to the "Innovation Cities Global Index", Vienna is amongst the most innovative cities in the world. Tourism is booming in Vienna as well - after all, in the year of 2016, we hit a new record of over 140 million overnight stays in Vienna, Naturally, the abundance of international visitors is a great joy for the Austrian capital. 

Blick ueber Wien

2. Vienna combines nature and culture in one

A trip to the museum in the morning and a stroll along the Danube in the afternoon - in Vienna, you get the best of both worlds! Next to its urban flair, Vienna also has a wide variety of nature and wildlife in its many green areas. The spacious parks invite city dwellers to take a moment to relax beneath the trees' canopy. For those who like to keep active and go on hikes, Vienna has a lot to offer as well. Beautiful trails through forests, such as the famous "Wienerwald", stretch out over 500 kilometres of pure hiking joy. So prepare to break a sweat and enjoy the beauty of Viennese wildlife! 


3. vienna's booming architecture  

Its beautiful city centre and historical sights are one of Vienna's most impressive features. Ranging from Art Nouveau to Baroque designs, you will get to see it all in Vienna. However, not only the older buildings shine in their full glory but also modern architectural sights have made a name for themselves in Vienna. The Viennese skyline is continuously growing and in 2013, top tier architect Dominique Perrault designed Austria's tallest building to be part of it. 


4. the hotspot for classical music

More famous composers have lived in Vienna than anywhere else in the world. Classical music is in the air in Vienna - as the masterpieces of Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Franz Schubert can still be heard in Viennese theatres, operas and plays. The most prominent interprets of old Viennese music culture are the Viennese Philharmonics, the Viennese State Opera's Ensemble as well as the Vienna Symphonics.  Whoever wishes to experience the power of classical music live should definitely go see the world famous New Year's Concert in Vienna. 

Johann Strauss Denkmal

5. cultural diversity meets austrian charm

An important part of our culture here in Vienna are the ancient buildings from the era of the emperor. Century-old museums, such as the Museum of Art History or the Albertina museum, showcase impressive artwork from past times. Apart from museums, the Viennese zoo "Tiergarten Schönbrunn" is also worth a visit. The "Tiergarten" was opened in 1752, which makes it the oldest existing zoo in the world! Viennese people love to laugh! Therefore, popular leisure time activities include going to see a fun cabaret. Be sure to stay up-to-date with ActiLingua's offer of leisure time activities so that you won't miss out on any of the fun trips and excursions!


6. viennese charm beats berlin's edge 

The typical Viennese charm can get anyone wrapped around your finger! One of our favorite words here in Vienna is self-mockery or "Selbstironie", which is a solid part of our daily lives. We know what to laugh about and when to remain silent. Humbleness is a big part of Viennese culture. Unlike Berlin, which is often associated with having a certain edge and snooty attitude, Vienna likes to convince its visitors by showing them a great time rather than talking about its many assets

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Wiener Charme

7. the germanophone's area largest university town

Education is highly valued in Vienna. Our wide array of subjects and forms of education is highly appreciated both nationally and internationally. Vienna is home to nine universities, four universities of applied sciences as well as many other private institutions of higher education. For anyone interested in studying in Austria, the ActiLingua Academy offers its own courses, specifically designed to help you find your way around university registration and beginning your studies in Vienna! Read up on it on our website. 

Universität Wien

8. imperial flair is in the air! 

Admire the most beautiful squares of Vienna on a horse-carriage ride, followed by a walk through the avenues of Schönbrunn Palace, where the Emperor Franz and his Empress Sisi once resided. The castle itself impresses with its splendid state rooms and offers insights into the former living quarters of the emperors. Behind the castle is the Gloriette, which can be reached by a short walk. The short effort will be rewarded at the latest on arrival, when you can enjoy the breathtaking view over Vienna.

Schloss Schoenbrunn

9. viennese cuisine tops berlin's doener culture 

With the "Wiener Küche" we are the only city in the world named after our own food style. From the typical  Viennese "Beisl" with hearty cuisine to the luxurious gourmet restaurants, Vienna offers both national and international specialities in its extremely diverse restaurant landscape. Unlike cities like Berlin which are known for generic snacks such as the Currywurst or Doener Kebab, Vienna has its own culinary treasures and secret recipes. 


Die oesterreichische Kueche

10. vienna - the highest quality of life

In 2017, Vienna was honored for the eighth time in a row as the city with the highest quality of life. We have a very extensive educational offer, have a great public transport network, which you can use for 1 € per day and feel more than safe here in the heart of Europe. We love our city and are happy about every guest who shares this joy with us. So what are you waiting for? Come to Vienna and join in on the fun!

Lebenswerteste Stadt der Welt



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