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3 summer activities to learn German and have fun

Learning German during summer break can be annoying sometimes, because we all want to enjoy the summer holidays. In Vienna, you can do everything at once. You can visit your ActiLingua Holiday Course and have the best summer of all time in this magical city. The following 3 summer activities will help you work on your German skills while having fun.

Learn German with these 3 activities in Vienna

1. Learn German and relax in the Museumsquartier

A place that is extremely popular among teenagers and students in summer is the Museumsquartier. On the colourful „Enzos“, you will meet lots of people your age, whom you can talk to and so easily work on your German speaking skills. Enzos are the comfortable seating in the Museumsquartier. They look different every year and are quite an eye-catcher. In summer, there are many different concerts and events happening here. It really is the perfect place to soak up the sun and enjoy the day.

2. Improve your German skills in the Viennese Prater

A little less quiet than the Museumsquartier is the Viennese Prater. Here you can find roller coasters and other attractions, where you can enjoy a fun ride. You will hear the owner of the ride commenting on your experience over the speakers. Do you understand what they are telling you? This is a fun way to test your German.

3. Grammar fun by the pool

There are many amazing public open-air swimming pools in Vienna. They are open all summer long. You can go for a swim in public pools or the old Danube and then do a little sunbathing by the water. The calm atmosphere also invites to read a book. And if you are already reading, it might as well be a German grammar book, right? You could also spend the day with your friends and learn new vocabulary with them. And in the next class of your ActiLingua Holiday Course you can impress the teacher with your newly added German skills.