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How to casually memorize new vocabulary

Make learning vocabulary more enjoyable

Reading time: 3 minutes

Learning a new language is fun – except for learning vocabulary by heart. There are always some words you can’t remember. But from now on you will not struggle with those anymore! We are going to show you a way of casually learning new vocab quick and easy!

How to: casually memorize new vocabulary



Is your desk the only place you are studying your vocabulary? Well, you are done with that: from now on, you are going to study while living your everyday life. Here is how it works: Write down the words you can’t memorize. On a post-it note, a small sheet or big poster – whatever you want. Scatter your cheat sheets all over your flat, especially in places you spend the most time, for instance:

  • Next to your coffee machine: read through your vocabulary list while waiting until coffee is ready.
  • Above of your stove: while stirring your spaghetti sauce, studying is much easier!
  • In the toilet: did you know that we spend 3 years of our lives on the toilet? So why not use this time and read catch up on your vocab list!
  • In the bathroom: you brush your teeth two times a day. Instead of watching yourself in the mirror, go over your vocabulary cheat sheet.

This technique works even better if your vocab list is connected to the places you put it. Place a list with groceries in the kitchen, for instance! Change your vocabulary lists every 2 to 3 weeks, so you won’t get bored easily!

How to: casually memorize new vocabulary

Get the most out of it

When you’ve spread the cheat sheets around your flat, the first part is done. However, there is some bad news: This step alone will only ease your conscience, but not actually help with memorizing any new words. You still need to take some action to get the most out of it:

  • Read your vocabulary list consciously.
  • Loudly speak out every word, as well as its translation.
  • Construct a sentence with every word.
  • Change the order of the words on your list on a regular basis – this challenges your memory!

That’s why it works

So, are you wondering why you are able to memorize difficult vocabularies with this technique? Here are some reasons:

  1. Firstly, it is different from your usual way of studying at desk, you’re in motion. Your brain is flooded with oxygen and therefore more receptive.
  2. The cheat-sheet-principle: have you ever written a cheat sheet and then suddenly not needed it anymore? Sometimes it helps just writing things down.
  3. Our brain loves links and connections! With this learning technique the vocabulary you are trying to memorize are linked twice: to places (your kitchen, the bathroom) and to activities (making coffee).
  4. Repeat, repeat, repeat! To be honest, it all comes down to repetition when learning another language. This technique helps you to repeat your vocabulary list in a casual and easy way.


Obviously, you cannot be spared studying your basic vocabulary with techniques like cue cards, vocabulary books, etc. Nevertheless, there might always be that one word you won’t be able to memorize. If this sounds familiar to you try our casual vocab method! Enjoy studying!