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Private tuition at ActiLingua

For everyone looking for one-on-one German lessons

Next to the extensive group course offer, ActiLingua also offers private tuition! ActiLingua’s one-on-one sessions are perfect for anyone, looking to master the German language intensively and at their own pace. The private German sessions create a personal environment, wherein the ActiLingua Academy teachers can cater to their students’ specific needs.

Feel like a VIP and enjoy individual and personalized tuition! Our latest student, the youtuber Damon, not only learnt a lot with his German teacher Dujgu, they also shared many laughs!

dujgu damon german lessons gif

Of course, we also have a special offer for anyone, wanting to learn German in a more familiar atmosphere along with friends, siblings, etc. You can book private German lessons in a small, intimate group of 2 or even 3 participants! If 2 participants book the course, they each save 40% of the course fee per person! And if 3 participants book private tuition, they save 50% of the course fee!

 If you’d like to see what a one-on-one German class at ActiLingua could look like, check out Damon’s vlog. Here you’ll see how Dujgu and Damon practiced German efficiently and with lots of fun:

On our website, you can find more information about the private German lessons. 

 No matter if you book the private tuition alone or with friends – the ActiLingua one-on-one sessions are sure to lead you through your very own language goals! We look forward to welcoming you at the ActiLingua Academy in Vienna!