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Is Standard German spoken in Austria?

Find out why Austria is the best place to learn German!

Every language has its own wide array of dialects. Some dialects are said to sound more rural and some rather urban. But in most languages, a prevalent variation is always referred to as the “standard”. A language’s standard variation is generally a very clear and accurate representation of said language. Whilst in some countries, the national language’s standard variation is predominantly spoken in formal settings, Standard German is commonly also spoken informally in Austria. That is why Austria is the ideal place to learn German – you get to hear the clear, correct and standardized variation of the German language on a daily basis.

Standard German is most commonly and frequently used in formal as well as informal settings in Austria’s capital, Vienna. Here, people of all generations speak Standard German and even those, who slip into their regional dialects will understand the standard variation perfectly fine.

St. Charles's Church

Unlike many other countries, where regional dialects differ from the standard variation so much that they sound like two completely different languages, Austria stands for both unity and individuality. The individual dialects give their speakers a sense of home whereas Standard German is spoken and understood by pretty much everyone – even German speakers from outside of Austria! So you basically get the best of both world all over Austria!

The wide use of Standard German is particularly helpful for German learners who come to Austria to work on their language skills. This variety is not just the standard in Austria, but the standard for German speakers worldwide. That means, learning the standard variety in Austria will equip you with the necessary skills to communicate with German speakers across the globe.

The best part about Standard German is that is does not demand perfection. Even if you have an accent whilst speaking German, you will be understood by your fellow German speakers. No matter whether you roll your r’s or whether you have difficulty pronouncing the German “ch”-sound, Austrians embrace diversity! Standard German is the variation to unite German speakers from all over the world!

Vienna at night

So if you’re thinking about learning German, definitely come to Austria! Standard German is spoken everywhere and at the ActiLingua Academy, you will learn the proper vocabulary, grammar and intonation of  Standard German. And in your free time, you will pick up Standard German in day to day life, going the gym, ordering coffee, or even when watching Austrian television.

Visit our website and book an ActiLingua class to learn Standard German and become part of the German speaking community! ActiLingua looks forward to welcoming you to the beautiful Austrian capital of Vienna!