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Discover the Viennese Carnival!

What makes the Viennese carnival so unique?

Tons of laughter and jovial fun are a huge part of the carnival season in Vienna. Fun costumes and delicious food are also a major part of the Viennese carnival. In this blog post, you will find out what makes the carnival season in Vienna a one of a kind experience!

1. Carnival parades

The Viennese carnival is synonymous with colorful costumes, cheerful music and lots of fun. All these components make up the traditional carnival parades. Musicians play their instruments in the city, street artists perform their stunts and tricks while many Viennese men and women watch with great enthusiasm. Whilst the musicians continuously march through the streets as they perform, spectators can occasionally stop for a bite or a drink in local restaurants. During the time of the Viennese carnival, the restaurant owners like to decorate their establishments in especially festive and bright colors. The Viennese carnival always brings people of all ages and backgrounds together!


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2. Theatre and cabaret

Good indoor entertainment surely isn’t lacking during the Viennese carnival season Those who do not want to spend too much time outdoors in early spring can also get their money's worth at local theatre performances or cabaret shows! The carnival time in Vienna is especially popular because it features particularly hilarious and curious shows. Whilst the cabaret offers colloquial humor in an informal settings, the theatre provides entertainment for lovers of classical performance art and music. The “Faschingsleiden” by Wenzel Müller or the “Faschingshochzeit” by Johann Strauss are amongst the most popular programs during the Viennese carnival.


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3. Carnival delicacies

The Viennese carnival season is best topped off by munching on some delicious “Faschingskrapfen”, which are basically deep-fried, fluffy doughnuts, filled with any type of jam or cream-filling.  A popular game for carnival in Vienna is also the "Krapfenessen", wherein one has to eat a whole Faschingskrapfen without licking one’s lips! Try it – it’s harder than you’d think!

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