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Cultural and Special Interest Programme

Austrian Culture, Music and History

We organize special talks, discussions and videos about Austrian culture, music, art, literature, history and architecture. Films, tours of the many sights of Vienna, parties and sports all form part of this programme.

Austrian Culture Programme

Excerpt from lectures and activities (free of charge) | Photos


  • Mozart - the two sides to his genius
  • Austrian pop music - Falco and others
  • Johann Strauß - the king of the Viennese Waltz

The Austrian way of life and regional studies

  • What's on in Vienna - culture, hotspots and events
  • Austrian cuisine - beer, wine, coffee, Wienerschnitzel, Knödel and Sachertorte
  • Introduction to Austria - the federal provinces, their history and their attractions

Art, architecture and intellectual history

  • Fin de siècle - life in Vienna at the turn of the last century
  • Biedermeier - between the revolutions
  • Siegmund Freud


Fun and Adventure

  • Party and waltzing class - Alles Walzer! Photos
  • Evening city walks - Vienna by night!
  • Cooking - Wiener Schnitzel, Dumplings, Kaiserschmarrn prepared by you! Photos