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Live Online German Teacher Training

Methodology, didactics and culture

The intention of this live online course is to improve general German language skills and communication both as a speaker and instructor, to be used in educational, social and vocational contexts and learn more about Austrian history and culture.
The Live Online German Standard Course classes teach general German, and the teacher training provides insight into up-to-date teaching methods and materials. In the evenings and on the weekends you will discover the Austrian culture together with ActiLingua. In addition, 2 live online cultural lessons per week are included. This course is held online by a native speaker teacher.

Lessons:20 lessons general German course per week + 2 online lessons cultural/special interest per week + 7 lessons of Teacher training programme. | 1 lesson = 45 minutes, from level B1.1
Group size:8-12 participants
Starting dates:every Monday
Course level:from B1.1
Duration:2 weeks
Minimum age:16 years
Requirements:Good internet connection, Zoom, updated browser, microphone, webcam

Course time schedule

09:00–12:15 am or 02:15–05:30 pm
You will be informed about your exact schedule on your first day of school

This live online course is for teachers, students, educators and all those who want to improve their knowledge of German and extend their methodical, didactic and cultural skills.


   Language aspects:
  • Work on language structure, grammar, vocabulary.
  • Improvement of personal expression, fluency and communication skills.
  • Text analysis, working with writing stimuli, reading techniques.
  • Work on your listening comprehension.
  Teaching methodology aspects:
  • Looking at and discussing various teaching material.
  • Getting to know new language books.
  • Using communicative methods in lessons.
  • Variations on teaching grammar and vocabulary.
  • Use of authentic material on different language levels.
  • Using audio-visual media in lessons.
  • Computer-aided learning.
  • Teacher observation in one of our German courses, on request.
  Cultural aspects:
  • Getting to know Austrian culture
  • Political, geographical and historical developments.
  • Talks on art, music, architecture and history.
  • Viennese waltz course, cooking classes.


Lessons are supplemented by 2 live online lessons cultural and special interest classes per week.

Prices 2021

2 weeks
Live Online German Teacher Training€ 708,-

  • 20 live online lessons general German course per week + 7 lessons of didactic and methodical teacher training (1 lesson = 45 minutes).
  • 2 live online lessons cultural and special interest classes per week.
  • ActiLingua Certificate

More information:
Funding available through Erasmus+. Erasmus+ Information PDF | Erasmus+ Funding

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