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Teachers & Materials

We believe it is important to vary teaching methods as much as possible in our German courses. Since every group is different, our teachers take an individual approach to each group and flexibly adapt their teaching methods to students' respective learning needs.

The basic programme provides intensive coaching in grammar, sentence structure and vocabulary. Reading and listening comprehension as well as written exercises are important components of our German courses. One of our basic principles is to ensure a maximum of oral communication. You are encouraged to practice your spoken German with your teacher and with the other participants of your German course.

Modern Teaching Materials

Apart from authentic and up-to-date teaching material prepared by our teachers, we use textbooks from the publishing houses Hueber and Klett. Our courses follow a recognised curriculum from A1 to C2. We use modern teaching material and equipment: 20 computers in our student lounge, big flat screens in the classrooms, CD and DVD players together with a large collection of CDs and DVDs for language teaching purposes about different topics including arts, Austria, history, literature and business plus the ActiLingua media database with numerous videos and short films for the German lessons. Use of the student library, the multimedia library and computer-assisted work is a good way of adding to and reinforcing the skills acquired in the classroom. Additionally, our teachers make use of the free WiFi available at ActiLingua Academy to incorporate up-to-date reports and stories from TV counters, Youtube videos and online teaching material.

Our Teachers

Our teachers see themselves as your friends and partners. They are native speakers of standard German, and take genuine pleasure in working with you. They are highly qualified and regularly attend training courses held by ActiLingua.

Each group is taught by two (Standard Course) or three (Intensive Course) teachers a day in order to ensure more varied and stimulating instruction. Participants profit from different styles of teaching, teacher personalities and variations in pronunciation of modern German.

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