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Holiday Course 16-19 years

Your holidays in Vienna

Student Opinion about ActiLingua Holiday Curse I really like the teachers, because they are so young and that's great. The lessons are brilliant.
Matja, Slovakia

Student Opinions about ActiLingua Teachers ActiLingua is a cool school, it's so much fun and we learn a lot.
Pierre, France

It was my favourite vacation, because I met new friends, great.
Tristan, France

A great place to improve ýour German and a chance to discover an amazing city and make new friends.
Stephan, Ireland

I liked the teachers and the trips.
Zsglia, Hungary

I got to know many new people from different countries and the atmosphere during our classes was always very nice.
Aucja, Poland

Teachers attitude was amazing… so… energetic, refreshing
Anna, Czech Republic

I most enjoyed the teachers and the atmosphere. There was much freedom and leisure time.
Ziva, Slovenia

Perfect, I would like to come again next year!
Aleksandra Sydozenko, 17, Ukraine

The freedom the course gives us lets us fully enjoy Vienna
Philippine, Singapore

I liked the friendly communication between teachers and students and between students and students. There are many students from around the world,, and it is a big plus.
Oleksandra, Ukraine

The teachers explain everything very good and this makes things easier. I liked the best that we can learn in the morning and then we are free to explore the city or whatever we want.
Deleli, Albania

I most enjoyed the environement, everyone was so lovely and nice.
Maurice, Switzerland

Student Opinions about ActiLingua Teachers The lessons are great and the teachers are nice.
Bojana, Serbia

My group and my teachers were/are very nice and great.
Nora, Hungary

The Popfest at Karlsplatz – with all the new friends I made at ActiLingua was my most memorable moment at this school.
Julia, Albania

A school where time flies, because there’s always fun: There’s always something going on.
Sára, Czech Republic

Organisation, always prepared to answer all questions; teachers tried their hardest and best
Aneta, Czech Republic

I have learnt a lot and saw Viennas sights. I liked everything and it was great.
Fran, Croatia

I liked the language course and excursions the most.
Filip, Macedonia

I loved meeting new people and exploring Vienna.
Alison, USA

Student Opinion at ActiLingua Holiday Course Very good teachers!
Michaela, Tschechien

The course was active and fun
Calledi, Spain

I enjoyed learning within the country and the ability to take the info we learned in class and apply it outside of class.
Natasha, USA

I liked everything about ActiLingua. It was a great way to spend my summer.
Joan Teodor, Romania

The teachers were excellent. I most enjoyed the atmosphere, the people and Vienna, of course.
Olena, Ukraine

The lessons are interactive and you can improve your german. I really enjoyed tob e with all over the world students.
Rosa Xiesi, Italy