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German Summer Camps for Kids in Vienna - Activities

Action, fun and sports

Fun, action and daily activities for kids and teenagers are part of the experience at ActiLingua’s German language summer camp.

Our handpicked group leaders organise an exciting and varied leisure programme to keep you entertained after class and at the weekend. You will see - German summer camps are fun!

Included Leisure Activities

Sporting Activities
There are a number of different sports available: volleyball, football, swimming, table-tennis, "Olympic Games", visits to outdoor swimming pools and the Danube Island.

Creative activities
You can do craft work, make music or go to waltzing lessons,or join a theatre group or newspaper workshop.

Other activities
Our staff organize excursions, films, shows, treasure hunts, barbecues, disco evenings, city walks, karaoke, welcome and farewell parties.

Optional programme

For tennis freaks there are lessons in small groups with a coach. Please bring a tennis racket with you!

Culture Special
If you are a culture fan this is for you. Weekly excursions to museums, palaces and visits to the theatre or opera. Guided tours, staff member in attendance and admission included.

Those interested in getting to know more about Austria can register for various excursions e.g. to Salzburg, Wachau/Danube valley, Lake Neusiedl or Hinterbrühl Grotto.

Concert or Musical
Don't miss out on an evening at one of Vienna's famous theatres.

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