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Learn German in Germany or Austria?

The best place to learn German

Are you thinking about doing a German course in Germany – maybe you're looking for a German language school in Munich or Berlin? Learning German in Germany is promoted worldwide, but don't forget one of the most attractive destinations for learning German - Austria's capital Vienna!  We have collected many answers to the question: Learn German in Germany or Austria?

3 Reasons for Vienna

Learn German in Germany or Austria?

  1. No. 1 in ranking Cities with Highest Quality of Living ( 2019 source)
  2. No. 1 in ranking Best Cities for Young People (2016 source:
  3. No. 1 in ranking Smart City Index ( 2019 source)

Learn German in Germany or Austria? A City Comparison

If you're asking yourself whether you should learn German in Germany or Austria, you can compare some facts about geography, cuisine, education and other areas.
In our city comparison we take a look at Austria's capital Vienna vs. Germany's three biggest cities: Berlin, Hamburg and Munich.

Population1,98 millions3,85 millions1,59 millions1,85 millions
Area414.6 km²891.7 km²310.4 km²755 km²
Public Universities10436
Culinary specialtiesWiener SchnitzelCurrywurstWeißwurstFish
Famous peopleChristoph Waltz, actorMarlene Dietrich, singer and actressKlaus Mann, writerAngela Merkel, politician
Quality of Living Ranking source#1#13#18#16

Learn German in Germany or Austria? - 5 Facts about the German language

  • The German language is spoken by more than 105 million native speakers.
  • There are three major regions of German usage: High German, Middle German and Low German.
  • Standard German is a mixture of Middle and High German.
  • High German, as used in Bavaria and Austria, is very melodious and pleasant to the ear. There are few grammar variations, although some vocabulary (culinary mostly) is unique to Bavaria and Austria.
  • At the ActiLingua Academy, German native speakers teach Standard German accoring to a recognized curriculum.