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Promenade en ville

L' Architecture, L' Histoire , Hotspots

Lors de visites guidées et de promenades en ville thématiques, les étudiants apprennent à découvrir Vienne dans ses détails.

Promenade en Ville Galerie

Extraits de promenades en ville (gratuit)*


  • from Baroque to the Modern Age - from imperial splendour to modern functionality
  • Jugendstil (Art Nouveau) in Vienna - the art of being practical
  • In Hundertwasser's footsteps - Vienna vibrantly varied


  • Around the Ring Boulevard - history, architecture and anecdotes
  • Blutgasse district - legends about old Vienna
  • Tracking Roman Vienna: Frontier fortress Vindobona

Lifestyle, fun and adventure

  • The Vienna Prater - from the Giant Ferris Wheel to the Lusthaus
  • Coffee houses in Vienna - introduction to a Viennese institution
  • Parks in Vienna - green Vienna and its monuments


  • Legends surrounding St. Stephen's Cathedral - a landmark and its stories
  • Strudlhofstiege - a literary experience