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Summer School 12-17 years: Your opinions

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Student Opinion about ActiLingua Summer School Hi everyone, my name is Alexandra, I'm 14 years old. I'm from Italy and this is my third time at ActiLingua Summer School and I really like it here.
Alexandra, Italy

Student Opinion about ActiLingua Summer School I like ActiLingua because the school is very good and has got very good teachers.
Boraj, Turkey

Student Opinion about ActiLingua Summer School ActiLingua is a really nice place, where we meet new people and have a lot of fun and also a lot of activities.
Selma, Bosnia-Herzogowina

Student Opinion about ActiLingua Summer SchoolAwesome school made of beautiful people. I like best about my course that I could improve my english and my German everyday, and the teachers, because they were very nice. I met a lot of new friends from different countries and I’ll never forget this experience.
Letizia, Italy

The teacher took time to explain everything, and was open to every kind of feedback. She also made learning a lot of fun with games.
Vera, Macedonia

The lessons and the atmosphere in the classrooms is extremely motivating and fun. The teachers are all friendly and helpful.
Sara, Czech Republic

It's the best school to enjoy and study.
Alina, Belarus

All the things we learn in one year school we learn here in 2 weeks and the result is even better.
Angela, Macedonia

I had fun but I really, really improved my grammar... And that was important to me. What I liked best was learning but also ENJOYING the lessons, and of course above that, I loved the people, both the students and the teachers.
Sansan, United Arab Emirates

Student Opinion about ActiLingua Summer SchoolActiLingua was fourteen days of fun.
Julie, Czech Republic

I really liked the teachers (same as last year!) and that I could improve my German. ActiLingua is the best place! The lessons were great and I really improved my language.
Shani, Israel

Student Opinion about ActiLingua Summer SchoolActiLingua is a place to meet new people, learn German and have a great time.
Klara, Slovenia

We learned a lot. It is a good school to practice German.
Aybige, Türkei

Student Opinion about ActiLingua Summer SchoolI liked my teacher and the really good and interesting topics that we were discussing.
Georgia-Simone, Greece

Grammar was well explained and I actually enjoyed it and - especially - understood it! I could socialize with many people!
Giorgio, Italien

Student Opinion about ActiLingua Summer School If you want to come to ActiLingua you should, because you would only improve your German speaking, but writing too and you meet so many new friends and you won't regret coming here.
Antonio, USA

Student Opinion about ActiLingua Summer School I like it a lot, I think it's a very nice atmosphere. There is school and there is also fun at the same time and it has a really nice facility and teachers.
Chris, USA

Student Opinion about ActiLingua Summer School There is programme every day. We can play beachvolleyball, we can play football or we go to the city for sightseeing. I'm not really bored by this place. It's really good.
Martin, Czech Republic

Student Opinion about ActiLingua Summer School I want to live and study here in Vienna. I like ActiLingua and I have come here to improve my German and meet a lot of new people.
Alexandra, Italy

My teacher was very careing. I liked being in Austria, being submerged in the culture.
Chris, USA

Student Opinion about ActiLingua Summer SchoolIn ActiLingua you can make new friends and learn Deutsch well.
Mia, Serbia

We learnt a lot. Also, we learnt throught games! I met a lot of new friends from all over the world. We went to UNO-city, Carnuntum and Rathausplatz!
Kaja, Slovenija

Die beste Sommer in meinem Leben.
Antonia, Russia

Great school where you learn and have fun in the same time. I had lots of fun around Wien with my newly made friends and also attending my German classes.
Dora, Croatia

Die beste Erfahrung meines Lebens!!!! I will miss you Acti!!!!
Carlo, Italy

A really cool group where you can make friends all over the world and improve your German language.
Vera, Macedonia

Student Opinion about ActiLingua Summer SchoolActiLingua is life, ActiLingua is love.
Dan, Romania

It was a laid back environment and it wasn't high stress. It was interesting. The trip to Salzburg and the House of Music were both very good. The soccer tournament was also great.
Graham, Kanada

Student Opinion about ActiLingua Summer SchoolThe memories we shared and friendships we made are gonna last a lifetime.
Marija, Serbia

What I liked best? In the afternoons the volleyball tournament and the workshopts (bracelets!). In the evenings ActiLingua's "superstar" talent show, walks to 'Rathausplatz' and the Olympic games. I loved the class, the people I met and how beautiful Vienna is.
Maria, Spanien

Student Opinion about ActiLingua Summer SchoolIt’s great to find out more about other cultures.
Rok, Slowenien

Hello, my name is Ana Maria Rodrigues and i´ve been to Austria for the last 3 years on the youth program. I just want to tell, that those weeks that i´ve spent in summer school were the best summer holidays i´ve ever had. On the youth programme homepage, you´ve got a picture in which 4 of my dearest friends are. I would also like to say, that all the environment created between teacher-students and between the students themselves was amaizing. My friendship with the whole school was and still is so strong, that me and my actilingua friends, we have made some plans all together and also visited each other. For example, my spanish, my croatian and some turkish friends have come to Portugal, and i did the same.I just know that most of these friendship will last forever. Thank you very much for the fabulous 14 weeks that I´ve had in Austria. If you could deliver a message for all the teachers of the summer campus: I hope to see each and every one of you in Portugal as soon as possible. I miss you all. Auf Wiedersehen und vielen Dank.
Ana Maria, Portugal.

Student Opinion about ActiLingua Summer SchoolGreat place to learn German and to meet new people.
Marta, Poland

Student Opinion about ActiLingua Summer School I liked learning things that I could use that day outside of ActiLingua. Acti was so fun and filled with amazing people and very cultural.
Sophie, USA

I liked that I could learn lots of new things. Learning means fun in ActiLingua.
Paola, Italien

Hello everybody, I just wanted to briefly tell you about my daughter’s experience at Actilingua in Vienna. Someone in our list made a wonderful recommendation to me two years ago. My daughter has been taking German in high school and wanted to study abroad. Due to the recommendation on the list we contacted Actilingua. They have several youth summer programs. We sent our daughter for two successive summers to a 3 week program with everything included except the airfare. She flew there and back on her own, she was met at the airport, taken to the school, and we did not have to worry about her. She really liked the classes, several hours in the morning, more in the afternoon if you want, and regular outings and cultural activities. The program is self-contained and is held in the building where a prestigious high school with boarders operates during the school year. It has beautiful grounds and is a 10 minute walk into town. The kids are closely supervised, have to sign in and out, etc. My daughter loved it and has a zillion friends on Facebook from her two summers there. The price is quite affordable. My daughter feels like it is a home away from home. She also went to a tennis academy on her on the U-Bahn to prepare for tennis team tryouts. She loved it there. There are also special deals for teachers who bring at least 5 students. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
Belinda, Professor of German and mother of a high schooler, USA