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German and Yoga

Learn German and find your center in Vienna

Questo sito è disponibile solo in inglese.

The roots of yoga lie in India, but the training for body and mind has also gained importance in Vienna. The holistic approach seems to inspire people all over the world, which is why the offer grows constantly for both beginners and advanced.

At ActiLingua Academy, you have the chance to combine a German course with yoga. Depending on your German skills, German lessons take place in small, international study groups in the morning or in the afternoon. In your spare time you can take part in ActiLingua Academy's leisure activities and explore Vienna's most beautiful places.

The yoga classes take place at the ActiLingua Academy or in a nearby yoga studio in the afternoon or evening.

We organize accommodation such as apartments and rooms at our school-owned ActiLingua Residence, at carefully selected Austrian host families, in basic student apartments, at international student houses or at a hotel.

5 lessons cultural/special interest programme per week are included in the price.

3 reasons why German and yoga is a great combination

- Yoga is the perfect balance to an often stressful learning routine.
- Through regular yoga sessions your power of concentration can be improved.
- Yoga supports your personal creativity and the ability to dissolve thinking barriers.

Price per week

2 sessions/week40.-*
* in addition to the booked German course