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University Preparation

Corso di tedesco per l'università

Questo sito è disponibile solo in inglese.

Do you want to prepare for your university studies (in Austria or at home)? Do you want to gather international experience and improve your German skills? Do you want to get an internationally recognized certificate?

The programme is directed at high school graduates who would like to study in Austria. In the German course you perfect your knowledge of German. The ActiLingua university expert advises you on the right choice of university and the enrolment process. We can also place you at a suitable private/public university or university of applied sciences in Austria with Bachelor or Master.

German Course - Standard or Intensive

A preparatory German course with a duration of 12 to 52 weeks is an excellent foundation for meeting the challenges of university studies. Your German course consists of 4 lessons (Standard) or 6 lessons (Intensive) daily in small international study groups following a recognized curriculum. You profit from an attractive long-term discount of up to 18% (This discount is already considered in our price list). Total beginners in German should plan for at least 36 weeks of German course.

University Preparation

A certificate preparation course disposes you for taking a university entrance exam. ActiLingua is an examination centre for OSD University entrance certificates. OSD Zertifikat B2 or OSD Zertifikat C1 will be recognized by Austrian and some German universities as sufficient language entrance requirements. Our university advisor will inform you in two tutorials about the Austrian system of higher education and assist you in choosing the right university and study programme.

University Enrolment Guidance

In addition to University Preparation you can also optionally book our Enrolment Guidance. Before you come to Austria and start your German course at ActiLingua Academy, we will check, if your internationally acquired diplomas could qualify for admission at an Austrian university. We will advice you regarding registration at a public/private university, a university of applied sciences or a University Preparation Programme. You can also choose a university with English study programmes in Austria.

Requirements for studying at an Austrian university

There are certain restrictions to university admission, especially in popular studies (i.e. medicine-related studies, Biology, Pharmacy, Psychology, Business Studies and others) at some universities.
Please contact the university for detailed information.

For EU, EEA or Swiss nationals and others:

  • High school diploma (translated and authenticated). It’s up to the individual universities if additional exams are required.
  • Proof of sufficient knowledge of German: OSD-Mittelstufe.

Citizens of other nations additionally need:

  • proof of a university place in your homeland:
  • in the same field of studies as you would like to study in Austria and
  • for the period of time you want to study in Austria.

This confirmation is not required if you enroll at a private university.

Visa Information


Most universities offer 3- or 5-year degree programmes. After completing a 3-year programme you graduate with a Bachelor's degree and after a 5-year programme you graduate with a Master's degree. You can opt for further studies, called doctorate ("PhD"). You can also attend university as visiting student and stay for one or two terms only.

  • Universities in Austria: University of Vienna, Vienna University of Technology, Vienna University of Economics and Business, University of Graz, Linz, Salzburg, Innsbruck and more.
  • Art Colleges: Vienna Conservatory, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, University of Music and Performing Arts Salzburg (Mozarteum Salzburg) and more.
Lessons:20 or 30 lessons (Standard or Intensive) per week 
5 lessons (2-3 times) of culture/special interest programme per week 
8 lessons exam preparation course 
2 tutorials
Starting Dates:Every Monday. Total beginners see below.
Starting Dates Beginners:01.10.2018 /  05.11.2018 /  03.12.2018 /  07.01.2019 /  
04.02.2019 /  04.03.2019 /  01.04.2019 /  06.05.2019 /  
03.06.2019 /  01.07.2019 /  29.07.2019 /  02.09.2019 /  
30.09.2019 /  04.11.2019 /  02.12.2019 /  07.01.2020
Starting Dates
Exam Course:
05.11.2018 (exam: 15.11.2018 & 16.11.2018) /  21.01.2019 (exam: 31.01.2019 & 01.02.2019) /  04.03.2019 (exam: 14.03.2019 & 15.03.2019) /  06.05.2019 (exam: 16.05.2019 & 17.05.2019) /  
01.07.2019 (exam: 11.07.2019 & 12.07.2019) /  15.07.2019 (exam: 25.07.2019 & 26.07.2019) /  05.08.2019 (exam: 14.08.2019 & 16.08.2019) /  02.09.2019 (exam: 12.09.2019 & 13.09.2019) /  
04.11.2019 (exam: 14.11.2019 & 15.11.2019)
Duration:6-52 weeks
Minimum age:16 years


Corso standard

25 lezioni6 settimane10 settimaneEXTRA settimana
12 settimane24 settimaneEXTRA settimana
Solo corso€ 1120,-€ 1800,-€ 170,-€ 1828,-€ 3556,-€ 144,-
Corso + Residenza Standard doppia€ 2026,-€ 3310,-€ 321,-€ 3640,-€ 7180,-€ 295,-
Corso + Residenza Standard singola€ 2368,-€ 3880,-€ 378,-€ 4324,-€ 8548,-€ 352,-
Corso + Residenza Superior singola€ 3430,-€ 5650,-€ 555,-€ 6448,-€ 12796,-€ 529,-
Corso + appart./fam./casa studenti doppia€ 1900,-€ 3100,-€ 300,-€ 3388,-€ 6676,-€ 274,-
Corso + appart./fam./casa studenti singola€ 2308,-€ 3780,-€ 368,-€ 4204,-€ 8308,-€ 342,-

Corso intensivo

35 lezioni6 settimane10 settimaneEXTRA settimana
12 settimane24 settimaneEXTRA settimana
Solo corso€ 1858,-€ 3030,-€ 293,-€ 3184,-€ 6268,-€ 257,-
Corso + Residenza Standard doppia€ 2764,-€ 4540,-€ 444,-€ 4996,-€ 9892,-€ 408,-
Corso + Residenza Standard singola€ 3106,-€ 5110,-€ 501,-€ 5680,-€ 11260,-€ 465,-
Corso + Residenza Superior singola€ 4168,-€ 6880,-€ 678,-€ 7804,-€ 15508,-€ 642,-
Corso + appart./fam./casa studenti doppia€ 2638,-€ 4330,-€ 300,-€ 4744,-€ 9388,-€ 387,-
Corso + appart./fam./casa studenti singola€ 3046,-€ 5010,-€ 491,-€ 5560,-€ 11020,-€ 455,-
Preparazione per l'Università238.00
Servizio di consultatzione per immatricolarsi590.00corso 6-11 settimane
Servizio di consultatzione per immatricolarsi420.00corso 12-52 settimane

  Included in University Preparation:
  • 8 group lessons exam preparation
  • University entrance exam (OSD) B2 or C1 examination fee
  • 2 free tutorials: Help with choice of study programme and university with the ActiLingua university advisor
  • Advice on the Austrian system of higher education
  Included in Enrolment Guidance:
  • Schedule for the path to your studies and visa support.
  • Guidance for submitting of enrolment documents at 1-3 Austrian universities or for University Preparation Programme (Vorstudienlehrgang).
  German course
  • Standard Course: In 20 German lessons per week (1 lesson = 45 minutes) you improve your general knowledge of German. Lessons in grammar and conversation help you with syntax and vocabulary building. You practice formal and informal writing and work on listening and reading comprehension.
    Intensive Course: 10 further German lessons in especially small study groups in addition to Academic Year 1.
  • 5 lessons (2-3 times) cultural/special interest programme per week: e.g. Vienna guided tours; talks and videos about Austrian music, art, history, literature and architecture; Viennese Waltz course; parties; sports
  • Accommodation as booked (use of kitchen included)
  • ActiLingua Certificate
  • ActiLingua vocabulary book
  • Course books may be borrowed for the whole course. Books can be bought at a 50% discount from the school office.
  • Use of computers, books, CDs, DVDs and magazines in the multimedia library
  • Student service at the school office, Monday - Friday
  • Free internet access & free WiFi
  • Student manual with interesting tips on Vienna
  • ActiLingua Card entitling holder to discounts at a number of museums, theatres, restaurants and shops
Tassa di iscrizione (da versare per l'università)382 - 745,-per semetre
Supplemento alta stagione
(Luglio 1 - Aug.25, 2018)
49,-per settimana
Camera doppia uso singola (Suplemento all'ActiLingua Residence)89,-per settimana
Prima colazione49,-per settimana
Mezza pensione131,-per settimana
Transferimento (dall'aeroporto/dalla stazione)40,-a tragitto
Pacchetto d'Assciurazione18,-per settimana
Assciurazione per l'annullamento viaggo4%della somma totale
Tesera per mezzi pubblici17.10per settimana
Denaro per le piccole spese80,-per settimana

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