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I nostri insegnanti

4 fatti sui nostri insegnanti di Actilingua

Our ActiLingua Teachers
  1. Madrelingue tedesco standard
  2. Altamente qualificati
  3. Due (corso standard) o tre (corso intensivo) insegnanti per ogni gruppo
  4. Motivati e esperti

Materiali didattici moderni

  • materiale didattico autentico e aggiornato degli nostri inesgnanti
  • manuali della casa editrice Hueber und Kett
  • curriculum riconosciuto di A1 a C2
  • 20 computer disponibili nella nostra sala d’aspetto degli studenti
  • database multimedialed' ActiLinguacon tanti video e cortemetraggi per le lezioni di tedesco
  • Grande collezione di CD e DVD a tema didattico, culturale, storico, geografico, letterario ed economico

Mario Falchetto

Head of Studies
Management of course allocation, teaching material, curricula, quality assurance of courses and cultural programme.

Mario is from Vienna, studied German and Scandinavian studies and is an official examiner of the Austrian German Language Diploma OSD. He speaks English and Swedish.

Email: [email protected]

Vanessa Wieser

School Manager
Specialist for: student support, quality management, accommodation, excursions

Vanessa is from Carinthia and studied translation in Graz and Spain. She worked as an au-pair in the USA for two years and speaks German, English, Spanish and Italian.

Email: [email protected]

Quello che i nostri student dicono ….

Student Opinions about ActiLingua Teachers The school is very good and the teachers are very nice and creative.
Andrea, USA

Student Opinions about ActiLingua TeachersI enjoy the lessons very much, the teachers are very nice and we have a nice ambience and the classroom. We learn in small rooms and I learn very much this way.
YueXin, China