Around the Vienna Ring Boulevard

Ringstraße Vienna Our teachers take students into Vienna to explore the city’s hotspots. There is a wealth of new perspectives to be discovered off the beaten track. For instance Thomas, our established history expert, takes students along the Ringstraße. "We already know it!", many will say. But not what Thomas has to tell you about it.

Very few Viennese know the history of and stories about the State Opera, the Burggarten and Imperial Palace, the Museum of Fine Arts and Natural History, the Parliament, the Burgtheater, the City Hall, Vienna University, the Stock Exchange, the Ringturm, Urania, Stadtpark, the Hotel Imperial and the many other attractions along one of Vienna’s most important roads - the "Ring".

As its name implies, the boulevard encircles the city centre, separating the first district from Vienna’s other districts. On foot and by tram are the best modes of transport for this tour. The yellow tram, which you need a special ticket for, goes around the Ring. 

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