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German Course Reviews

Ta strona jest dostępna tylko w języku angielskim.

Student Rating

The overall ratings are the result of a survey with our ActiLingua students in the period from 2016 until now.

The rating for Vienna refers to Mercer’s annual "Quality of Living" survey 2019: Vienna tops the ranking as most liveable city in the world.

Travel Reports

Travel Reports

Read, what our students have to say about our language school, the German classes, our accommodations and activities like travelling around Austria.
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General Impressions

German course review: Arturo, Italy A friend of mine from Italy, Sarah, told me about this school and that it is a very nice place to learn German.
Arturo, Italy

Teachers & Lessons

German course review: Andrea, USA The school is very good and the teachers are very nice and creative.
Andrea, USA


Ich wohne bei einer Gastfamilie und ich fühle mich wirklich wohl. Die Frau, aus der die Familie besteht, ist sehr nett und sie kocht wunderbares Abendessen. Die Halbpension liegt auch zentral und das finde ich bedeutungsvoll.
Fredrik Olsson, Schweden


Based on the Mercer study of "Quality of live" 2019
German course review: MacArthur, USA It’s great to come out to a city that’s not like New York or something. There is actually nature around almost everywhere I go.
MacArthur, 21, U.S.A.

Holiday Course

German course review: Matja, Slovakia I really like the teachers, because they are so young and that's great. The lessons are brilliant.
Matja, Slovakia

Summer School

German course review: Selma, Bosnia ActiLingua is a really nice place where we meet new people and have lots of fun and activities.
Selma, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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