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Read, what our students have to say about our language school, the German classes, our accommodations and activities like travelling around Austria.

1 General impressions

<b> 1 </b> General impressions

When I think of happy days in my life and good friends, my thoughts always fly to Vienna and ActiLingua. Thank you very much, once more, for the nice time I have had with you (I mean everything: lessons, excursions, meetings at the Heurigen...). I hope we will meet each other again.
Alberto, 27, Italy

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2 Teachers and lessons

<b> 2 </b> Teachers and lessons

The teachers' attentiveness, patience and motivation are excellent. The ActiLingua approach and methods are fantastic.
Marion, 17, France

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3 Accomodation

<b> 3 </b> Accomodation

Dear Ina,
Thank you so much for letting me stay with you. You are more than amazing and I am truly thankful for all you did for me. I was nervous about coming here to Vienna but you made me feel right at home the moment I walked through the door. You became my family here, and my experiences wouldn't be the same without you. Thank you for everything. 
Love, Michelle B.
Michelle B., USA on her experiences with her host family

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4 Vienna

<b> 4 </b> Vienna

Vienna is a beautiful city with a rich cultural history ... It is a great city for a young woman to live in. I feel quite safe and comfortable here. The public transport system is efficient and runs on a regular basis. For a student without a car it's a wonderful way of getting around town.
Linda, 26, Houston, USA

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