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ActiLingua Students about ViennaThe subway, the “Fiaker”, the cuisine, the people, the language – I like all of that about Vienna.
Kiara, 21, Switzerland

ActiLingua Students about ViennaI like that Vienna has many parks, it is a very green city. There are many sights and events to visit.
Alexandra, 19, Switzerland

ActiLingua Students about ViennaIt’s great to come out to a city that’s not like New York or something. There is actually nature around almost everywhere I go.
MacArthur, 21, U.S.A.

Vienna is a beautiful city with a rich cultural history ... It is a great city for a young woman to live in. I feel quite safe and comfortable here. The public transport system is efficient and runs on a regular basis. For a student without a car it's a wonderful way of getting around town.
Linda, 26, Houston, Texas

ActiLingua Students about ViennaI went to Vienna years ago and I think that the city has changed – it’s new.
Stefania, Italy

ActiLingua Students about ViennaFor me, Vienna is a historic cultural capital and very very beautiful.
Dilyana, Bulgaria

When you visit Vienna you meet other people and get to know another way of life. You can visit Schönbrunn, the Prater or go to a Heurigen. You can drink wine and eat Schnitzel. Vienna, a city in the center of Europe, offers you a variety of cultural and historical possibilities. The night life is also very rich. You feel very good, here in Vienna!
Karla, 23, Croatia

ActiLingua Students about ViennaFor me, I have always been really interested in arts and museums and literature. It’s very exciting to go to all the art museums like the Albertina. They have amazing things to see there.
Melissa, Ecuador


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