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Long-Term Intensive Course German in Vienna

Lessons:35 per week: Standard Course (20) + minigroup (10) + cultural/special interest programme (5)
Group size:8-12, minigroup: average 5-8
Starting Dates:Every Monday. Total beginners see below.
Starting Dates Beginners:03.04.2017 /  02.05.2017 /  06.06.2017 /  03.07.2017 /  
31.07.2017 /  04.09.2017 /  02.10.2017 /  30.10.2017 /  
27.11.2017 /  02.01.2018
Duration:3 - 12 months
Minimum age:16 years
  • Ideally suited to anybody wanting to make rapid progress in a short time.
  • You study six lessons a day. Four of these lessons are held in groups of an average of 8 and a maximum of 12 participants and two lessons a day in small groups of 5-8 participants.
  • In multinational groups, you will learn a lot about foreign cultures.
  • You have sufficient free time for self study, sightseeing or relaxing.
  • The main emphasis is placed on improving your general German and your communication skills. Lessons in grammar and conversation help you with syntax and vocabulary building. You practice formal and informal letter writing and work on listening and reading comprehension.
  • Each group is taught by two teachers each day in order to ensure more varied and stimulating instruction. Participants become familiar with different individual styles of teaching, teacher personalities and variations in pronunciation of modern German.

Цены 2017

35 Занятия12 недели24 недели36 неделиEXTRA неделя
только курс€ 3184,-€ 6268,-€ 9352,-€ 257,-
Курс + Резиденция "стандарт" 2-местн.€ 4996,-€ 9892,-€ 14788,-€ 408,-
Курс + Резиденция "стандарт" 1-местн.€ 5680,-€ 11260,-€ 16840,-€ 465,-
Курс + Резиденция "комфорт" 1-местн.€ 7804,-€ 15508,-€ 23212,-€ 642,-
Курс + апартаменты/Cемья/общежитие 2-местн.€ 4744,-€ 9388,-€ 14032,-€ 387,-
Курс + апартаменты/Cемья/общежитие 1-местн.€ 5560,-€ 11020,-€ 16480,-€ 455,-

  • 30 lessons long-term German Intensive course per week (1 lesson = 45 minutes)
  • 5 lessons (2-3 times) cultural/special interest programme per week: e.g. Vienna guided tours; talks and videos about Austrian music, art, history, literature and architecture; Viennese Waltz course; parties; sports
  • Accommodation as booked (use of kitchen included)
  • ActiLingua Certificate
  • ActiLingua vocabulary book
  • Course books may be borrowed for the whole course. Books can be bought at a 50% discount from the school office.
  • Use of computers, books, CDs, DVDs and magazines in the multimedia library
  • Student service at the school office, Monday - Friday
  • Free internet access & free WLAN/Wi-Fi
  • Student manual with interesting tips on Vienna
  • ActiLingua Card entitling holder to discounts at a number of museums, theatres, restaurants and shops
Доплата за горячий сезон
  (3 июля – 27 августа 2016)
49,-в неделю
Индивидуальное пользование двухместным номером89,-в неделю
Завтрак49,-в неделю
Полупансион131,-в неделю
Трансфер (от аэропорта/вокзала)40,-за поездку
Страхование на случай отказа4%процент от общей суммы
Пакет страховых услуг16,-в неделю
Общественный транспорт16.20в неделю
Карманные деньги70,-в неделю

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