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Long-Term-Discount 18 %
Long-Term-Discount 18 %

Save up to 18 % on ALL LONG-TERM COURSES with a duration of 12 or more weeks!

-18 %

ActiLingua Academy grants a price reduction of up to 18 % on all long-term courses on tuition compared to weekly price rates. (These reductions are already included in our price lists.)

If you decide to learn German or improve your language skills at ActiLingua Academy, we have some Special Offers for you, which you should consider before booking your German course.

Are you planning a German course with your friends, with your study group or classmates from school or university? Groups of 5, 8, 10 or more participants coming to ActiLingua profit from special group offers and reduced prices.

Groups with same proficiency level:

You and your friends study standard German in your own homogeneous group. Motivated and qualified teachers, modern materials and a recognized curriculum guarantee fast progress.

Groups with different proficiency levels:

Depending on your personal German proficiency you are placed in one of our 8 course levels. You learn standard German following a recognized curriculum. Motivated and qualified teachers and modern materials guarantee fast progress.

Recommended German courses 16+:

Recommended Summer courses for young people:

Cultural and leisure programme: You and your friends meet at our city walks, talks and videos about Austrian music, art, history, literature and architecture and other activities like our Viennese waltz course or our cooking course. 5 lessons (2-3 times) per week are included in the price of all German courses.

Accommodation: Single and twin rooms are available in Host Families and Student Houses. Read more about accommodation.

» Contact us for your individual group offer!

Two types of financial support are available at ActiLingua:

  • Scholarship
    ActiLingua awards 40 scholarships to school or university students, entitling them to a 100 % reduction in the cost of a two-week Standard Course, not including accommodation.
  • Study cheque
    The ActiLingua study cheque gives a 10 % price reduction on a one to four week course without accommodation. Available for 40 students each year.

If you wish to apply for one of our scholarships or study cheques, you are requested to submit an application and registration form, enclosing a reference from your German teacher, and stating the precise name and address of your school/university and of the teacher concerned. We regret that no scholarships can be awarded for the months of July and August.

If you register for a German course with ActiLingua together with one or more siblings and put the words "Sibling Discount" into the Special Requests field on our registration form along with the name(s) of your sibling(s), you will receive a discount of EUR 25.00 per person!

If you plan to come to ActiLingua with at least 2 more friends, you and all of your friends receive a discount of EUR 25,00 per person.
Fill in the words "TRAVEL WITH FRIENDS" into the field for special requests of your booking form or follow this link

We are very happy to hear that you are planning to return to ActiLingua Academy for your German course. Your decision is the best feedback that we can hope for. It shows that you felt at home at our school and benefited from our German programme. To thank you for your repeated trust we want to grant a price reduction of EUR 50.00 on any German course and accommodation and EUR 100.00 on our longterm courses starting from 12 weeks. Fill in the words "alumni" into the field for special requests of your booking form or follow this link.

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