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German language courses for adults

Our course programme

Since 1988, ActiLingua has gained a world wide reputation for its successful range of courses, its ideal learning environment and modern teaching methods. Student satisfaction is central to all our endeavours. A high standard of tuition including a varied cultural programme reflect our standards at ActiLingua. Our flexible course programme offers the most suitable German course for your personal needs. You study standard German in small international study groups with native speaker teachers.

German Courses
Standard Course
Learn German in small international study groups
251-11 weeksfrom € 307,-German language course: Standard Course
Long-Term Standard Course
Standard Course with a duration of 12 weeks or more.
2512-52 weeksfrom € 2107,-German language course: Long-Term Standard Course
Intensive Course
Standard Course and extra lessons in minigroups
351-11 weeksfrom € 447,-German language course: Intensive Course
Long-Term Intensive Course
Intensive Course with a duration of 12 weeks or more.
3512-52 weeksfrom € 3655,-German language course: Long-Term Intensive Course
Super-Intensive Course
Standard Course and additional individual tuition
351-11 weeksfrom € 767,-German language course: Super-Intensive Course
Individual Tuition
Individual language training in one-to-one sessions
15-35 1-12 weeksfrom € 730,-German language course: Individual Tuition
German in the City
Standard/Intensive Course and individual tuition outside the classroom.
25/35 + 2/4/6 1-12 weeksfrom € 407,-German language course: Individual Tuition
Special Courses
Certificate Preparation Course - OSD
Preparation for int. recognized certificates (OSD)
4/82 weeksfrom € 115,-German language course: Certificate Preparation Course OSD
German Teachers' Course
Training for non-native German teachers
252 weeksfrom € 796,-German language course: German Teachers Course
Erasmus+ Funding252 weeksfrom € 796,-German language course: German Teachers Course
Business German
Standard Course and focus on Business German
352 weeksfrom € 447,-German language course: Business German
German and Work Experience
German courses and placement in an Austrian company
25/358-52 weeksfrom € 1368,-German language course: German and Work Experience
German and Music
German course and music studies at the conservatory
26/364-52 weeksfrom € 1203,-German language course: German and Music
University Preparation and Enrolment Guidance
For students who plan to attend an Austrian university
25/358-52 weekssee course pageGerman language course: University Preparation and Enrolment Guidance
German for adults 50+
Standard/Intensive Course for students aged 50+.
25/351-2 weekson requestGerman language course: Individual Tuition
Family Programme
German course for the entire family
25/351-6 weekson requestGerman language course: Family Programme
Live Online German Language Courses
Live Online Individual tuition
Live Online individual tuition
10-302-4 weeksfrom € 520,- German language course: Individual Tuition

Please note that a proficiency with the latin alphabet is required for our German courses, as we don't offer alphabetization courses.

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